Something in the Water

Hi friends!

It’s Friday! Let the weekend begin huh?

Tony and I started ours early. I worked back to back shifts to make Carrie Underwood happen on Thursday night. In case you’ve just joined my blog, I am a HUGE Carrie fan. I remember watching her on American Idol when I was just 19 years old, living in a house off campus at the University of Maryland (let’s not rehash the disaster it ended in…).

She sure has changed!

I decided I wanted to be a country music star, so I threw on some red lips and a braid.


Also, my Calia scarf and coat (Carrie’s fitness line). Can we say die hard fan?

Tone and I went to dinner before the show and then it was Carrie time!


I did get a custard before the show. Can you believe they charged $1.00 extra for a few sprinkles? Talk about robbery. Tony splurged for his gal. 😉



The stage setup was really great. Everyone had a fantastic view.


I was the happiest girl in the place. Carrie and my guy actually SMILING! Tony rarely smiles big in pictures, so I really love this one.

The place was filled with women singing Carrie and drinking heavily. No, I do not drink. I never really understood drinking at concerts to the point you are falling over. Did you even enjoy the show? Well, let’s just say those ladies enjoyed TONY more than the show. I swear, I can’t leave him alone for more than 2 minutes without older women trying to pick up Mr. Muscles 😉 He should take it as a compliment. Tony’s so darn modest though.


Besides her amazing voice, I always LOVE to see what Carrie wears. Her wardrobe people put her in the most amazing sparkly ensembles. No wonder this girl is a superstar.

I danced and sang my heart out the entire night. A fabulous show. If you get the chance to see Carrie you won’t be disappointed. One of the very few artists out there that has the record sounding voice LIVE.


I can tuck this memory in the vault with many others Tony and I have together. And many more 🙂

I’ll be back on Monday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Ariel

    How amazing she must be in concert!! What a great guy you have. I know a ton of girls whose boyfriend won’t go with them to “girly” movies and shows.

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