Time To Buy Things

Good Morning!

Sorry I missed yesterday. On my first Monday off in a while, I decided to sleep in. Well, honestly I overslept, but sometimes I guess you need it.

Moving day is approaching pretty quickly, and Tony and I finally came to the realization that… UH we have nothing for the house.

So I started to do some serious searching. So far we have purchased the most important thing… A TV 😉 hey don’t judge us… we are television people.

I also have purchased these lovely bar stools for the kitchen. I have been pretty excited about them!


Now onto finding a table!

Are there any sites you guys use? I obviously can’t buy everything top of the line so I have to look for deals where I can. We do have a HomeGoods near us but every time I go in there I buy things I don’t actually need.



This Himalayan salt lamp! Although I’ve been wanting one for a while, they can go up to $90. This one was $14.99. In case you’re wondering what it is… These salt lamps emit negative ions and release positive energy waves into the air. Negative ions help with air quality, stress, and alertness. Tony is ALWAYS stuffy at night so I’m hoping this will help 🙂

As far as the gym goes for this gal… I’ve been sticking to mainly cardio the past few days. I know what you’re thinking “WHAT? Cardio only? “. I’m forced to stay away from the weights for at least a week until I let an injury heal. I swear, it’s always something!


I leave you today with our version of face swap. In case you haven’t seen it everywhere, snapchat allows you to switch faces with someone else. The results of Tony and I are quite scary…


If we ever decide to have children, let’s hope the girl doesn’t look like Dave Grohl… 😉

Have a great day!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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