Starting to Wander

Hello gang!

This weekend I had group posing class and it went great! My confidence is improving and I feel much better about competing in 4 weeks. Saturday marked 63 days of prep and here is my transformation so far:


Crazy huh? Lots of strict dieting and hard work will do it! Of course this is not something I can keep year round, but it’s for the goal in sight.


My coach also mentioned to me how 4 weeks out and 1 week out are the hardest. At 4 weeks you panic and think oh my gosh I will not be ready in 4 weeks, but at the same time you’re thinking can I just be normal again? Then at 1 week out all you can think about is food and getting it over with! When she said it I thought: actually I’m good, I want to keep going and pushing. Later when I went to the gym I was exhausted, I didn’t want to do my cardio and I was starting to reach the “can I be normal again” phase she talked about.

IMG_9743 IMG_9749

I pushed through the workout and then went to Target to pick up stevia only to end up wandering the candy aisles.

HOW did I get there? Not sure. I don’t want a Snickers, Kit Kat (my favorite if I had to choose), a Reese Cup, or Hershey Bar. I WANT CANDY! I looked at all the neon bags staring back at me. Nerds (sigh), Sour patch kids (you know they make blue ones now!?), Runts, Gummi Bears, Laffy Taffy, Shock Tarts, etc. As a kid my go to snacks were the fruity and sour candies. I can remember going to the expensive candy stores to purchase those sour belts… man THE BEST. And when my mom would take us to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video (flashback!) to rent a VHS she’d let me have those sour punch straws. The strawberry and watermelon were my absolute favorite.

Now they make these:


They are the candy version of sour straws and I want them! Post competition they are ALL MINE.

It’s a little crazy because when I wasn’t on prep diet, I wouldn’t eat this stuff anyway, but my body wants that sugar bad. I think I will deserve it after all my hard work! Can’t wait.


But for now… have to keep the abs in check!

To help with my fruity candy cravings I stopped by the Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company and picked up flavored coffees. They have the best flavors, anything you could imagine. Plus all the bags of beautiful coffee beans are lined up so you can smell each flavor. I chose chocolate raspberry, cinnamon bun, and blueberries and cream. Since I bought a pound I was able to get a free cup and I chose chocolate covered strawberry. It was magnificent!


These are good craving fighters, but definitely not the ‘wake me up’ type of coffee. I need my regular strong Starbucks for that.


I also purchased a few teas: green apple, green tea with peach, and plum.


This week since I upped my cardio, I definitely feel like I have leaned out more. Results are so addictive. It makes me want to work harder. I did more pylometrics this weekend too which is helping to lift my bum a little bit more. Even though they ARE AWFUL. Hey, I’m not afraid to admit I absolutely hate doing them, so if you do too, you’re not alone. Jump lunges and jump squats? Ugh no thanks! But guess what? They work! The goal is to get them in 2 times a week at minimum.


And last night at the gym I continued the cardio and also did my bicep routine. Not one of my favorite days, but I do it. My go to bicep exercise from last night? A regular dumbell curl into a side curl. It really burns! Hitting the bicep from two areas. A one-two punch I guess you could say.

When I came home I finished things up around the house, had some grub, and called it a night with the pup. 4 weeks to go. I think “will it hurry up already”, but then I think “oh no, not enough time”. I can’t seem to win! Really I just want that candy šŸ˜‰


Phoebe does too!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Tam

    Wow, I can definitely see the progress, so proud. I try and incorporate pylometrics twice a week, they are short but effective moves! I like plank jacks best, with you on jumping lunges though – ouch! Keep up with the hard work then you can relax . Tam x

  2. Meghan

    I love reading your posts and following your journey! Keep up the great work–you can do it! And thank you for the inspiration and motivation!

  3. Jenna

    I’m a weirdo….I love plyometrics…except for jumping lunges!! Those coffees and teas sound amazing! Yum!

  4. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Girl you are going to do so well!!! I can’t wait til show day :D! And I know how you feel about the candy. I’m not doing the show, but I know when I tell myself no I can’t have something I crave it more, but when I tell myself that I’m just choosing not to have because I know I’ll feel better without it, then I don’t crave it. A little reverse psychology I guess on myself haha

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