You Ought To See Her Fly

Good Morning. It’s Friday! PHEW Thank goodness. I cannot tell you guys how much sleeping in on Friday morning means to me. Phoebe and I have been having MAJOR issues. Since I’ve gotten into the meat and potatoes of this prep I’ve been having trouble sleeping, then on top of it Phoebs has been getting me up 2-3 times a night, with the big kicker On Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. I was a walking ZOMBIE at work on Wednesday and so mad at Phoebe all day. She paced the bed, huffed in my face, and jumped on my chest. When I came home Wednesday evening we made up 🙂 I can’t stay mad at that little face!



I’ve also been having major motivation problems. I’ve been insanely tired since I haven’t been sleeping much and getting my bum in the gym at 5pm after a long day has been problematic. One day I saw people looking at me as if they were saying “that poor little girl looks so tired”. I am sir, I am.


Wednesday at work I must’ve said 3-4 times “I can’t”. I don’t really like using that word, but I really was close to stopping everything. I know, you’re thinking “she’s almost there!”. I AM! So no worries, I won’t quit. Just can a sister get some coffee creamer and a protein fluff!? Really that’s what I’m craving the most. I want my regular coffee back and I can’t wait until 2 hour work day gym sessions are over with. I have no problem with spending extra time in the gym on days off, but days I work, getting home at 730-8pm, eating food and passing out, is not my idea of fun!


As I went to the locker room on Wednesday I had plans just to go home and nap. I thought to myself “why can’t I get it together… this is the final few weeks”. Sitting in front of my locker was this little piece of what looked like a broken angel wing.


IMG_9868I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I’ve said time and time again on my Instagram, and maybe a few times on my blog “spread your wings and fly”. So I took that little broken piece of an angel wing as a sign to keep going, as silly as it sounds. I went and splashed water on my face, then changed into my gym clothes.


IMG_9871A little posing before hitting my workout 🙂

I pushed through my workout, which included a spin session to round out my cardio. As I spin I put my huge music collection on shuffle and just go for it. Then this little gem came on…


That would be Martina McBrides “Broken Wing”. Yep, I thought it was pretty weird, and pretty awesome as well.

I kept chugging. This is the FINAL 3 weeks. The point I’ve been waiting to hit to make my hard work pop. At times I feel like I will never pop, but even if I don’t I know I will have worked my HARDEST to get there. I know whatever package I bring to the stage on April 12th, I will be proud knowing I gave it 100% and didn’t give up even when things were incredibly tough.




As Martina sings…

“With a Broken Wing, she carries her dreams, man you ought to see her FLY!”


I’m flying 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Well if the judges don’t like what they see they can suck it, I think you look absolutely amazing! And the broken wing isn’t silly, it just means something to, I so the same thing with certain items, because they hold a special place in my heart :). And seriously, you are one hell of a strong girl!!! You can get through this, only a couple more weeks then that fluff is all yours!!!! I know I be going crazy not being able to have my banana protein smoothies and it would definitely make me crave them more!!! Have you tried melatonin? I use it to sleep, otherwise I’ll be up all night. For me it just helps, so that when I wake up in the middle of the night I can go back to sleep. Enjoy your weekend and get as much sleep as possible!!! You deserve it :)!!

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