The Blonde Skinny Minnie

Before you guys panic, no I didn’t dye my hair blonde. Please me? I hate change, especially DRASTIC change. Plus, I could never pull off blonde with my coloring. It would look extremely odd.

So what am I talking about here? That would be my better half, Mary. We pretty much spent the entire day together yesterday. For those of you that have followed my blog from the beginning, you realize Mary wasn’t around then. In fact, we just started hanging out in November. We are now like two peas in a pod. It’s good to finally have a friend that understands you! She really is just the blonde version of myself.

What did we do yesterday? Well we went to the gym! She came to workout at my Golds and I showed her around my playground. I did legs, while she did her chest and shoulder thing. We had a BUNCH of laughs though. We have one of those friendships where we can just exchange glances and know what the other one is thinking. I’m sure many of you out there can relate to this kind of friend. It’s an awesome bond!


After legs we finished with some cardio in the spin room. It was Mary’s first time spinning so I’m expecting her to curse my name this morning because after the first time your bum is extremely sore! Bikers butt they call it.


We turned on some music and did HIIT on the spin bike. Climbs, jumps, sprints, all the good stuff!


Finished with a good stretch, some photo bombs, and out we went 🙂


Later that night we met up with teammates for dinner.


I’ve had these shoes forever, rarely wear them, but they are so cute! As you can see my camera was having issues, so I had to resort to the front camera.

We arrived at a Mexican restaurant that Mary said was fabulous even though it looked like a hole in the wall. I walked in to a CROWD of people, it reeked of tequila and beer, and it was so cramped that I started to freak out. Full blown panic attack. I walked outside and said “okay we have to go somewhere else”. Yes I was THAT PERSON. But I cannot do crowds like that. I freak out in tight, crowded spaces. I’m fine alone in a tight space, no big deal. When you throw in gobs of people, I’m OUT!

It couldn’t have turned out better because then we ended up at the COOLEST sushi restaurant. This place looked like NYC and Vegas, but in good old Maryland! The decor was so awesome. Neon lights everywhere, shiny sparkling chandeliers , and sparkly wall accents. My kind of place!



Doesn’t Mary look like one of those seductive vampires in Twilight here? Those eyes! So jealous! 


Of course 99% of the conversation at the table was composed of 2 things: gym time and food. Hey you put 4 fitness competitors together and that’s what we are going to talk about!



We split chicken satay and some awesome sushi. It was so fresh and delicious!



It was like a work of art! I actually avoided the “fried” rolls. I prefer the other kind.


Minnie feasts!


It’s hard to tell from the lighting here but these were so delicious! They were called fisherman rolls. Tuna, shrimp, and yellowtail I believe, wrapped in cucumber instead of rice. So refreshing.


Mary approves!

Today at the gym I will be doing my fair share of cardio. Yes, I’ve lost my “shredded” body, but I expected that.


Frankly, it’s not healthy to be shredded all year round. I do however need to get off some of these cheat meals and water weight. I enjoyed my week of lighter workouts, unorganized meals, and going with the flow, but time to get serious again. Just because it’s the off season doesn’t mean my goals stop!

My lifting schedule is very messed up too. So I need to straighten that out. I think it’s time for a good old shoulder day though. My feedback was to build those up a bit more.  No better time to start than now, Let’s GO!


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. ariel

    mmm mmmm there is nothing like a good ol’ sushi date!! looks like a fun night 🙂

  2. tam

    ah you look like you had a a great night out! Am happy to hear you had a week of relaxing and eating what you wanted without being strict – you deserved it. Sorry to hear your 2nd competition wasn’t as good for you as the first one, you still did an amazing job, don’t forget that. All the best, have a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing your new workout routines and plans! Tam xx

  3. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    I had a feeling you were talking about Mary, and omg that picture makes me even more jealous of her eyes!! So pretty! And I don’t blame you for wanting to leave that place, I would have been the same person saying we have to leave. And yay for getting back on track!! I always feel so much better when I am 🙂

  4. Jade

    I know it is great to push yourself and you did a absolutely wonderful job!! That being said, you do look a whole lot rested now than just a few weeks ago, so it is nice to take a break just a bit. And I say your arms still look ripped!

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