The Taste of Off Season

Good Morning and HAPPY THURSDAY!

Something has happened that I never thought would. I have tasted the off season, my taste buds LOVE it, and my body doesn’t.

This was one of my biggest fears finishing with my competitions. Eating my way back up to where I was. I thought I have incredible self control, that’ll never be me. Since I’m on this honesty kick right now I figured I would tell you guys it started to happen.

Am I eating burgers and donuts? Nope. I had delicious things over the weekend, yes….



When the work week approached I made normal healthy things to take with me. Breakfast was egg whites and overnight oats with my whey protein. Lunch was chicken breast, some romaine, a sweet potato, and an apple. Late afternoon snacks either rice cakes or a quest bar. Nothing crazy, just not tracking or measuring exact amounts.


Well when I came home? FOOD BOMB. Oh look I didn’t finish these candies, animal crackers, little snacks. Better get rid of them! Yeah… not the best idea.

And then this fro yo happened…


It was soy based, because I think dairy would send me in the hospital right now…

Hey I was living a little, okay maybe more than a little, but it’s not like I was home eating deep fried oreos and twinkies.


It kept going for 3 days after work until finally I said ENOUGH. Frankly I felt a little gross and bloated this past week, but I literally could not stop.


Once I tasted the sugar, my body CRAVED it. As you guys can tell I have a very addictive personality… who me!? I’m a slave to the gym, on point with my diet and water, I make constant lists of where I need to be at all times of the day. If something doesn’t go according to my Type A plan, I freak out. It’s just who I am. I don’t drink or do any sort of drugs and I thank heaven I do not. I became addicted to SUGAR that quick, I can’t imagine what bad stuff would do to me.

So after saying ENOUGH, I got up off the couch (anyone watch Mean Girls last night? It was the 10th anniversary!-” say crack again… CRACK!”) and threw everything out that wasn’t clean. My fridge and cabinets were pretty bare because I haven’t been to the store all week, but I scrounged up clean items to eat for the following day. This was my only option or else I was going to end up like Regina George “sweatpants are all that fits me right now”.

Now I don’t expect to stay my lean stage self all year round. That’s near impossible. I know I will go up a few pounds and somewhere my parents are reading this singing Hallelujah! I do look quite skinny in person, especially in my upper body and certain stage shots showed it. I definitely know though that I am not happy with this cycle I’m at. Plus it made me MORE tired than normal. I was so tired at work all week and was falling asleep every night by 9pm, which is very unusual for me. Eating clean really does wonders for energy levels that’s for sure. So time to stop this weird week and make my offseason head in the right direction now. I will refer to this as a little science experiment that went wrong. I’m human and I started to derail, but I recognized it and fixed the problem.Ā I’m the only one in control of my destiny, and I’m the only one who can want it for myself, so time to step up and continue to be who I want to be šŸ™‚


I need to live up to my new nickname… WONDER WOMAN! šŸ˜‰



So what are my plans for this weekend? Well some good gym sessions, grocery shopping, and cleaning my apartment. It’s long overdue. I need to put things away and de-clutter my life a bit. Some much needed spring cleaning! OH and spring SCRUBBING. Still trying to get this spray tan off! It stays in certain spots no matter how much I exfoliate.

As you can see, normal gal like the rest of the world! Here’s to getting back on track šŸ˜€

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Oh I completely understand this!! That is the main reason I eat super clean all the time, otherwise I too get super addicted to sugar, and for me it’s just easier to not have to fight that battle. I say, give it a couple days, you’ll start feeling better, then it’ll be no problem again šŸ™‚

  2. Heather

    I get that way with all forms of worthless carbs (candy and chips anyone?!) I swear it’s out of my control sometimes! I always wondered how long it took to get those spray tans off! Random question: how do people decide whether to spray their face or not? Do the judges count off if your head and body are two totally different colors?

    1. Katie

      Well a lot of people suggest not spraying the face because it makes you look harsh. My posing coach told me the EXACT foundation that will match the tan (she’s been doing it forever so she knows). My body was a lot darker than some of the other girls so I asked for a LIGHT spray on my face. Not sure if I will do it again because I break out so bad with those spray tans! I don’t know for sure that judges take off, but some feedback some of my competitors received said “your tan was off, or your tan was distracting”, so I assume they do!

  3. Niven

    Gah, I felt so ill post competition for a week and just like you, my turkey meatballs and roasted sweet potatoes made a comeback. I’m 6 months post show and I’m still struggling with effective “off season” dietary guidelines. It’s a constant work in progress. But props to you for being so open and honest about it! BTW – you pics are beautiful!

    1. Katie

      Thank you Niven! I think every competitor struggles. It’s crazy because you are SO strict during the process and then when it’s over you’re like okay I will have this and burn it off later… but then THIS turns into THAT and you’re left feeling defeated. I wish I had the answers!

  4. amyt

    So Fetch šŸ˜‰

    1. Katie

      “sto trying to make fetch happen” lol!

  5. Rose

    Yayyy for going back to normal! And yayy for Mean Girls, did you wear pink yesterday? Because it was a Wednesday !:P
    Have you tried making your own body scrub? If you combine white sugar, some type of oil, such as coconut oil, and some lemon zest (or fragrance oil), you’ll have a quite powerfull (and natural!) bodyscrub. Hope it helps šŸ™‚

    1. Katie

      Ha, I did not wear pink. Scrubs are blue at work! I actually use an exfoliator with sea salt from St. Ives that was the only one I could use for my spray tan so it wouldn’t turn me green… yep! But now that I don’t need to spray again I will have to try that! Thank you šŸ˜€

  6. Chelsea

    I follow you on Instagram and just recently starting reading your blogs.. LOVE IT ALL! Esp your honesty. I can only speak for myself but in the battle of trying to get fit and healthy it is hard and discouraging to see others who seem to be PERFECT and have it all come so easy to them. Posts like these let me know that you’re human and have off days too just like I do. Thanks so much! You looked GREAT at the show, congrats for not only placing, but also for getting through that crazy process alive šŸ™‚ keep up the good work Minnie!

    1. Katie

      Thank you Chelsea! Yeah, women need to see BOTH sides of competing. Not just the medal or trophy at the end.

  7. Karen

    I also over indulged in the sugar last week and am still feeling the effects of it. No wonder it is so bad for our bodies! Hoping to get back on track and shake it off (literally). I’m also a Type A, wondering though, why is that so bad? Seems like Type A’s get a bad rap – I think we just get stuff done!!! Thanks for your post and honesty about your second show. Sorry it didn’t go as hoped but I have learned a new respect for those that compete and make this kind of dedication.

    1. Katie

      I’m not saying Type A is bad really. We are just overly organized about things and it makes people that are not Type A feel like their life is a cluster in comparison lol. I try to keep it to myself! Haha

  8. Jenna

    I just found your blog through pinterest maybe and I am obsessed! I can’t imagine actually doing a contest, but I am always drawing inspiration from competitors and good meal tricks. You look amazing and I can’t wait to follow this blog šŸ™‚

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