This Body Requires Food!

Cranky Minnie alert! Yesterday was definitely a spazzy day for me. Again, I didn’t get a lunch! I really need to start figuring something out. My body is absolutely not handling this well at all. I had my emergency snacks or “white coat stuffers” as I call them. I went through my bag of dried mango I packed, 100 calorie almonds, and some of the goji berries. By 3 my head was pounding so bad, but one can only eat so many of those goji berries before you say ENOUGH already. I love them, but more than a handful causes a weird aftertaste. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

My co-worker always puts string cheeses and things in her pockets. Since I eat clean, I can’t do this! So if this continues to happen I have some decisions to make. Either I get rid of the clean eating and actually get to eat food, or I come up with some miracle food I don’t have to refrigerate that I can keep with me. I really don’t want to give up the clean eating. I love it. But it’s not doing me any good not getting a lunch! 11 hours is too long to go without food, especially when you are working hard and need to concentrate on what you’re doing.

Maybe things will slow down at work, they keep saying it’s insanely busy. I guess I’ll have to take it day by day!

When I got home, I raided the fridge and had some fruit, some shrimp from my lunch, and had to lay down ASAP. Phoebe let me sleep 45 minutes before waking me with her adorable little bark. Do you sense the sarcasm here?

I then went on to cooking 2 new recipes!

And she chewed her busy bone

Cutie pie! Starting to get her adult coat in!
Cutie pie! Starting to get her adult coat in!

The first one I am super proud of and will feature today. These are inspired by the most awesome woman I know, who was making BAKED onion rings way before Pinterest existed, and before people really ate this way. So creative credit goes to the woman I love, my Mom! (G-Mama) šŸ™‚

Clean Eating! I told you it's not boring!
Clean Eating! I told you it’s not boring!

These Onion Rings are 100% clean. Made out of ezekiel bread, egg white, flax meal, and spices! Click for the recipe!Ā 

I couldn’t work out today. I didn’t work out last Tuesday either. It’s too draining for me, especially not having food. So my 6 day a week workout is now going to turn into 5. Still good and manageable. I’m running all over the hospital anyway, so it’s not like I am not getting my cardio in! And I never take the elevator šŸ˜‰

My mom will be happy to know I totally over ate when I came home. I was so hungry, I just couldn’t stop until I felt like my shorts were going to bust! All healthy clean foods of course, but it fills you up fast when you don’t eat all day! Hey I’m just prepping for tomorrows skipped meal! šŸ˜‰

In all seriousness, I have received some messages and e-mails regarding this. I explained before in my blog I am 100% not skipping meals on purpose! Number 1 I am trying to build muscle, number 2 it’s TERRIBLE for you, and number 3 it slows down your metabolism. I just have a very demanding job. In medicine there is no such thing as a lunch break. So if you are the kind of person who get’s to go out to business lunches or take that extended lunch break I envy you! I don’t recommend skipping meals at all! So please know I am not doing this because I want to!

I’m so exhausted! Falling asleep blogging is not good…

Skinny Minnie SLEEPS
Skinny Minnie SLEEPS

3 work days to go!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. A Friend

    Since there is no such thing as the typical lunch break, have you considered a high fiber replacement inbetween your shifts? I commonly eat dried apricots during my weekly shifts to keep me filled to powered through the day. Anything that is high fiber will last you well. Even a couple green or regular apples will work during those hard core days may work. A diet that is high in fiber has satisfied me for many past months (if you eat fruit, always eat the skin). Just an idea, not advice šŸ™‚

    – Signed,

    An Old Friend šŸ™‚

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