Clean Corn Chowder

It’s winter time! Snow, icy days, and cold temps! So on a cold day the best thing to warm you up is a nice big bowl of soup!

Soups are a healthy eaters friend if you do it right! They can be light, but also super filling at the same time. If you stick to low sodium broths, stay away from heavy creams, and use the proper “fillers”, you can make a hearty soup that loves your waistline!

I have been a fan of corn since I had two baby teeth! My parents would strap me in my high chair and hand me corn on the cob and I’d go to town on that baby!

Mmmmm Corn!
Mmmmm Corn!

See! Proof!

Funny thing is I’m not sure I’ve ever even had a corn chowder! So I tried this little spin on it. A lot of the times they are creamed or blended, but I like a chunky soup where I can taste my veggies and get the bite.

You will want to make this one! It tastes AMAZING! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been eating it all this time!

For this recipe you will need:

-1 Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
-1 red bell pepper, diced
-1 medium to large sweet potato, peeled and diced
-1 small yellow onion, diced
-1/2 Tablespoon of minced garlic
-2 Tablespoons of whole wheat flour
-2 1/2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-1 1/4 cups of low sodium organic vegetable broth (look at ingredients to make sure clean!)
-1 cup of chopped broccoli
-1 16 oz can of low sodium yellow corn
-4 ounces of soft tofu
-1 Tablespoon of stevia in the raw
-pepper to taste
-1 Tablespoon of plain greek yogurt

First gather those pretty veggies!

Love red peppers!
Love red peppers! Chop and dice these! (peel the sweet potato)

Now heat your pot with the extra virgin olive oil on medium heat and add the chopped sweet potato, onion, and pepper

Sweet potato also thickens this soup!
Sweet potato also thickens this soup!

When this starts to soften up a bit, add the minced garlic

Softened sweet potatoes. These will continue to cook. Don't wait until they are mush! Just a little soft is good (5-8 minutes)
Softened sweet potatoes. These will continue to cook. Don’t wait until they are mush! Just a little soft is good (5-8 minutes)

Add the whole wheat flour

Stir it in! Also helps to thicken
Stir it in! Also helps to thicken

Next add the almond milk. I think this MAKES the soup. If you were to use a skim milk it wouldn’t give it that sweet taste. The aroma from the almond milk is also incredible. I knew it was going to taste good once I put the milk in!

The smell of a sweet soup is in the air!
The smell of a sweet soup is in the air!

Stir and slowly add the vegetable broth, season with some pepper

Veggie Broth

You will get this awesome pot!

I like the color already!
I like the color already!

Add the broccoli and the can of corn (I drain it almost completely, leave a teeny bit of the water from the can and add)

Yay Corn
Yay Corn

Stir this up and crank the heat up a little until the pot comes to a boil. Continue to boil for another 3-5 minutes

While this is boiling, take 4 ounces of the soft tofu and mash it down in a separate bowl. I just used a spoon. Place in the microwave for one minute to help you out a little! Then mash

Mashed tofu (don't worry non tofu fans, you can't taste it!)
Mashed tofu (don’t worry non tofu fans, you can’t taste it!)

Add this to the pot, stir, then reduce the heat to a simmer

Tofu makes it creamy!
Tofu makes it creamy!

Cover and cook for 30 minutes on low!

You end up with a BEAUTIFUL creamy clean corn chowder

Clean Corn Chowder
Clean Corn Chowder

I topped with a Tablespoon of plain greek yogurt. It really set off the soup! Little tang to the sweetness. I highly suggest it šŸ™‚

Up close goodness

Look at those veggies!
Look at those veggies!

PLEASE make this tonight. It is probably my favorite soup I have ever made. I have been missing out for a while apparently!

Happy eating…

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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