To the Top Times 6

Hello there, HAPPY Thursday!

I’m definitely happy it’s time for the weekend for me, but I have to say work this week was good! I spent all my days this week doing stuff in the OR. Time goes by much faster and I’m a happy PA.

A couple of days ago one of the PAs told me she once said to someone “I live for weekends” and in reply a lady said to her “I enjoy weekends too, but I’m not wishing my life away”. This stuck with me! Yes, I obviously love days off, but I should enjoy every day, enjoy my youth, and be grateful I have a job šŸ™‚

However, I really am looking forward to 3 days off in a row. I plan on working on my cookbook a little bit and doing a little research. Plus my apartment floors are due for a good old fashioned scrubbing! I don’t mind cleaning actually because I always get a good workout šŸ˜‰

After work I got dressed for the gym, but I actually went home. I was worried about my girl and didn’t want to leave her more than I needed to. After I made sure she was okay, I ran the stairs again. I’m telling you it’s the best workout there is! I decided to do 6 times this go around, but since it was cold (even though I was indoors), my lungs were hurting. I alternated between running up and down the 15 floors and then skipping 2-3 steps and jogging down. I did 3 sets of each kind. Boy was I tired. And this time I wore my heart rate monitor!


Each set took me about 5 minutes to complete, although I ran up them faster than I went down. Next time I am going to have to time myself to see how long it takes me to get to the top!

After some cardio I went to my apartment gym and did some minor tricep work and abs. Just enough to feel the burn.


I also hopped on a machine for 15 minutes of the elliptical. It felt weird getting on one again! And ya know some classic gym shoulder selfies šŸ˜‰


Back upstairs I chugged some water, Fiji waters are seriously the best and so smooth and taste like liquid velvet (if that makes sense).

I also was happy to see what I burned this workout. Not bad for being at home.


For dinner I had a salad and some chicken! I was telling a friend about my carrot fries yesterday and it made me crave that seasoning. So I mixed some up and plopped it on some chicken breast! So good. No dipping sauces needed.

Ā IMG_2088

Before I knew it I was dozing in my chair at 9pm. What happen to the days when I would stay up till 1 am doing stuff? Geez. LONG GONE!

Have a great Thursday, and don’t forget to enter to win a tank!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    I had me craving a bleacher or hill run, so over Thanksgiving break I will now be doing sprints up some hills :). I know exactly what you mean, there is just something about Fiji water, it will always taste the best! I don’t think you’re wishing your life away, you just have things that you really enjoy doing (not saying you don’t enjoy being a PA), more like hobbies?, and you can’t wait to do them. And the only time you have to do those are on your weekends. I don’t see anything wrong with being excited to go do that šŸ™‚ Have a great “Friday”!

    1. Katie

      Haha yes! Weekends I get to do things I love. I think I will do another stair run after Thanksgiving too! Gotta burn off that turkey din din šŸ˜‰

  2. ariel

    i definitely agree with not spending time wishing your life away. i think it’s okay to look forward to certain days though. i enjoy my work week because i enjoy my job. even still, i love me so “me” time haha and look forward to my weekends too šŸ™‚

  3. Angie

    Does your watch have a heart rate monitor? I ask because I have a fitbit which shows me calories burned but it doesn’t accurately reflect calories burned when I am lifting weights. Which stinks because I can’t get an accurate number of calories burned so I never feel as good on days when I don’t do my normal cardio. Just curious if a watch would be a good option for me šŸ™‚

    1. Katie

      Yes it’s a Polar watch. If you go to products I love you can find I link it at the bottom of the page

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