Waste of a Day

Do you ever feel like you had a day that was a complete waste? I’m not sure what it was, but all around yesterday just felt like one of those days where nothing felt important and I was just existing. I am still dealing with the fatigue and tired thing, maybe that’s why? Work was blah, my friends were post-call and I was just making it through the hours.

My breakfast consisted of greek yogurt with raspberries and goji powder. It’s Orioles orange!

O's Yogurt!
O’s Yogurt!

I also had my freeze dried apples (I need to pick up more this weekend), and a kashi trail mix bar. I love that I ate one of these one day, they are delicious.

Also loaded up on coffee. We have a Subway in our hospital, and a Chick Fil-a (my worst enemy).

Yes I drink everything out of a straw, gotta keep those pearly whites extra white!
Yes I drink everything out of a straw, gotta keep those pearly whites extra white!

Lunch consisted of my last batch of sweet and sour chicken, and the rest of my bok choy salad. The combo was excellent. A nice asian flare for lunchie munchies. I also had an orange and my protein shake.

A good lunch!
A good lunch!

My afternoon included catching up on more dictations (still not finished, but almost there). This is my favorite spot to do them in:

This is my little hidden gem
This is my little hidden gem

Not a lot of people know these rooms exist yet. These are on the new side of the hospital and are the “multi-purpose rooms” where the docs and PAs can sit and do their work. Every time I go to this one it’s empty. It’s super quiet and no one ever bothers me! Plus the big window with all the sunlight reminds me that there is a nice life out there waiting for me at 4:30 šŸ™‚

When it was time to leave I decided to go straight home instead.

No gym for me today. Sore and Tired
No gym for me today. Sore and Tired, but liking the way my jeans are looking lately. My legs look muscular!

My triceps and upper back were super sore, so chest day wasn’t going to happen. I decided to take the day off as my rest day. I like working out better on my days off anyway, I’m not as rushed! Later today will be chest day instead.

At home Phoebe and I tried to nap, but it just wasn’t happening. She kept crying, then trying to jump off the bed, then back on. I said forget it and got up to make a new recipe!

Try out my Protein Pudding Pie! 24 grams of protein per serving.Ā 

Protein Pudding Pie. A protein treat!
Protein Pudding Pie. A protein treat!

I made dinner, which wasn’t too exciting. A pita with chicken and salsa on top, salad, and the pie.

I also was showing a friend that slow cooking liners are a must when using a crock pot and look who jumped in the shot

Always in the shot!
Always at my feet. We are BFFs for life

Whenever I walk in everyday from work or the gym we are so happy to see each other! Dogs are so great when they greet you at the door. It’s the best feeling.

Today is Thursday! YAY! Thursdays are usually the worst work days, but end up being the best because I get 3 days to recover. I usually always have a great workout on Thursdays too because I am on a weekend high.

See you in the gym!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Sarah C

    I know exactly what you mean by wasted days! I feel like I had a wasted workout this morning. I just wasn’t feeling and that set the tone for the 30 minutes I was there. I didn’t even feel good enough to finish. But hey! No work out is a wasted work out and tomorrow is always a new day, right? Always tell yourself that!! I feel like that when it feels like I’m neck deep in school work and home stuff! But remember every storm runs out of rain (stolen for gary allen!!) ! Keep your head and by golly get some sleep this weekend!!!

    1. Katie

      At least you did something! I kept telling myself okay maybe I will do some chest work, then pushed it off and decided to use my day as a rest day instead.

      1. Sarah C

        Nothing wrong with that! Just like you say, gotta listen to your body. One rest day is better than one week without exercise because of injury

  2. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Oh, yesterday was a wasted day for me lol I literally just laid around the house, I was super tired. Aw šŸ™‚ Me and my cat are the same way!! I hope you can catch up on some sleep and get some rest!

    1. Katie

      Hahaha we were lazy together in spirit šŸ™‚

  3. amyt

    Yupp – def have those wasted days…totally busy – but still feels like I’ve done nothing, like spinning wheels. LOVE those liners!! Makes it so much easier! Your legs look great! Legs are def my toughest to work – HATE leg day, but my day I need most. I have up’d my cardio which is a plus – I really do want to like running, but i HATE it. I guess we all have those dreaded work out days/body parts….?

  4. Sarah C

    What does goji powder taste like?

    1. Katie

      it’s hard to explain. not super sweet, it’s a superfruit. kind of reminds me of persimmon?

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