Weekend in Baltimore Hon

Hi everyone! Welcome to Monday. I know we can all sigh together because weekends go so darn fast.

It was a HOT one here in Maryland and while everyone was at the pool, I did my best to stay covered and slathered in sunscreen. As I mentioned before, wedding dresses and tan lines do not mix. At least not for me.

Saturday I was able to get in a good back day session at the gym. I love going when it’s about 1pm because it usually empties around that time.  As you can see I had most of the “ladies Golds” to myself! 

Saturday evening Tony and I headed to Baltimore for a friends 30th birthday. FINALLY someone from Tony’s side is joining me in the 30 club. For those of you who don’t know, I’m four years older than Tony. Well, 3 and a half. I guess I’m just the wisdom of the group, right? 😉

We had dinner and chatted with friends. No drinking for myself or Tony. We ordered a lot of food and our bill was less than everyone else’s that only ordered drinks. Another reason I’m glad I’m not a drinker! But, to each their own.

Just look at this monster Tony ordered. It’s a chicken parm sandwich. I think…?

On Sunday I headed to HONFEST in Baltimore. If you are an out of towner I’m not quite sure you’d appreciate it as much as I do, but you’d definitely still have a blast. If you are unfamiliar with a HON, think the movie Hairspray. That’s Baltimore. In fact let me break it down for you.

  • Baltimore = Balmer
  • Water= Wooder
  • Ocean = Downey o’shan HON

I could go on and on… and I love everything about it.

I got all dressed for the occasion too!

Phoebe always next to me 🙂 

The festival was so much fun. Live bands, tons of food and yummy drinks!

All drinks come with HON glasses!

I definitely sunscreened my arms and feet! I came home and had a line from my pearls… BUMMER. Totally forgot about that part.

Then I ran into my main man ELVIS.

If you didn’t already know, I’m a HUGE Elvis fan. I don’t know many people my age that are, but I have loved him ever since I was a little girl. I had a Jailhouse Rock poster on my wall as a three year old. Let’s not remind my mom how she still hates my preschool teacher to this day because I came home crying that he was dead. I mean what teacher tells a little kid that?

And you don’t do HONFEST without the Elvis impersonator!

The best part of HONFEST is the Best HON contest. They do some dancing, have a talent contest, and everyone does their best Baltimore accent. I loved every second of it!

The crowd goes nuts for it all.

And you know, wherever I go, I find a cute puppy. This one reminded me of Phoebe if I had all her hair cut off!

More Hon’s 😉

The sun was definitely beating down. I think it was 95 yesterday. They were nice enough to hand out little fans 🙂

Pretty sure all my makeup melted off my face too. I should’ve known better, but I wanted to play the part.

We had a winner and it was an awesome Wonder WomHON who talked about women empowerment in Baltimore. I absolutely adored her and her outfit!

As you can see in the background, the others are genuinely happy for her. It may seem like a silly contest, but it gets the community together and makes people happy! It’s all about good times and happiness isn’t it? I know I’m so busy in my life all the time that it’s good to get out and do these types of things 🙂

So if you ever come to Baltimore for the summer, make sure you hit us up on a good weekend when you can enjoy one of these festivals!

I hope you have an excellent start to the week!



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