What’s in the Box?

My apartment complex called my cell today, and that means one thing. I have a package waiting! Usually I sign for it and race down the hallway, tripping over my own feet, running faster than I did at the gym today just to see what’s inside!

What is it about getting something in the mail? It doesn’t matter what age we are, we all act like a 5 year old on Christmas morning and rip that baby open!

Do you know what is the best part of receiving a package? When you can’t remember what you ordered! It’s like a present! A surprise! Actually when they called me I knew it was my makeup from Sephora. When I went to the front desk it was a big box from Amazon… Huh!? Wait… I did order DVDs on cyber Monday, but those went to my parents house! What could this be?

In the word’s of Mr. Brad Pitt… “What’s in the box!!???” (Best quote EVER)

A few seconds after some key slicing…


I forgot I ordered this stuff! I was completely out and it’s hard to find at nearby stores, so I order a bunch at a time from Amazon. I will definitely be eating this with a couple bananas tomorrow. I’ve missed it!

Moving on to more yummy treats…

The recipe I have for you today takes less than 5 minutes! It’s a DIP! And is great for an “anytime snack”—–Easy Onion Dip

I paired mine with healthy veggies!

Gym time!

Today’s cardio was spinning (It’s Wednesday!). Class was great and I worked up a sweat in that hour! (thanks Carter) Music was awesome and I felt super strong today. Must be from all the lifting huh?

After spin class I did a 10 minute cool down on the arc trainer and then hit some abs! I did quite the ab workout today and would love to share with you all. Soon I will have a workout tab at the top with pictures of all my workouts. It will be a work in progress, so bear with me 🙂

Skinny Minnie’s Fab Abs
– Do all of these with NO breaks! It’s kind of similar to an ab ripper workout. You will definitely feel the burn. I know I’ll wake up with a sore tum tomorrow morning!

  1. The Hundred. Lying flat, lift head and neck off the mat. Legs straight (lift them up if you can). Hands straight by your sides. Flutter hands and inhale for 5 beats, then exhale for 5 beats. Do this 10 times to make 100!
  2. Bicycle crunches. Crunch shoulder to opposite knee, alternating each time. 20 reps EACH SIDE!
  3. Straight Leg lift and lower. Hands under butt or beside. Legs straight in the air and lower down to an inch above the mat, and back up (you will feel this in your lower abs). 12 reps
  4. Scissor kicks & Flutters. Legs straight, lift head and neck off the mat, scissor your legs (crossing ankles), 20 reps. Now flutter your legs up and down for 10 reps.
  5. REPEAT 2-4!
  6. Side to side twists using a 10lb medicine ball balancing on butt bones. 40 reps (20 each side)
  7. 30 second plank. 2 sets
  8. Ab roll using the large ball. Put your forearms and elbows on top of the ball (ball is close to your body)  and push away from you (you will end in a plank!). You can start on your knees for this one. It’s hard! 10 reps
  9. Ins and Outs using arms. Balance on your butt bones, back flat, leaning back slightly. Raise your legs up with your knees bent. Push your legs out straight and open your arms out to the sides (like you are flying). Now crunch your body back in bending your legs and wrapping your arms around your knees (like you are hugging). The motion is an open and closing of your wings 😉
  10. REPEAT 7-9!
Phew what an ab workout! Make sure you stretch!
No muffin tops here
Phoebe was a good little girl today! Except she is the only dog I know who can roll her eyes at a human…
We make quite the pair!

Have a good day today! 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Travis

    It is always a good day when a box containing PB2 arrives, that stuff is magical. It surprises me that more stores don’t carry it since it makes such a great alternative to normal peanut butter.

    1. Katie

      It is! Changed my life! So yum

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