When You Want to Quit… DON’T

Here’s the thing…

Feeling a little annoyed and defeated today. Several reasons have caused this.

  1. Exhaustion. Yesterday my knees were screaming at work after an OR case, I was tired as can be, but I still got my butt in the gym.
  2. Stealing. I’ve recently discovered a few of my pride and joy recipes stolen exactly and reused by slightly more popular sites.
  3. Okay really that’s it… I’m kinda annoyed the “protein fluff” has taken off a year or so after I used the phrase like crazy and pinned it all over for years.

Unfortunately this stuff happens. What irritates me more is that the name is the exact same. Protein Fluff.

Fluffy protein shake

So what’s a girl to do? Absolutely nothing. Nothing can be done. I have to suck it up and move on about my day. Yes it makes me sad, and disappointed, but I’d never quit sharing and blogging. I figure what goes around comes around, and one day it will come back to me in the right kind of way.

Have to look at the positives right? I love to write, I love to share, and I love when people come back to me and say they loved this tip or that recipe. It’s a push in the right direction to keep going even if just one person enjoyed it.

Short blog today as I want to go about my day. I’ll be picking up groceries, going to the gym, and enjoying my weekend. Have a great day and never quit your dream!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Tam

    Good for you for staying positive, it’s a shame there’s some people in the world who don’t understand and appreciate what you and how hard you work. Take care, tam ⭐️

  2. Tamara

    I think you’re cultivating some good karma. I have a hard time staying positive and not getting frustrated. So your attitude in this post was very helpful. Thank you.

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