Where’s That Snow?

So the HUGE snowstorm of 2013 with that massive foot of snow turned out to be rain. Everything was closed in anticipation. I kept getting texts in the morning saying “woo hoo no work, snow day”. Not to be a little brat, but I was a little annoyed at 530am busting my tail and people are saying how warm their beds are. But I have to remember I chose medicine for a reason, to help people. And just because bad weather rolls in, doesn’t mean the sick stop being cared for!

By the way… I will be texting these people back on Friday on my day off saying “woo hoo no work!” 😉

Anyways I was so extremely busy all day and didn’t have a second to myself. My breakfast included half a box of tic tacs. Nutritious huh?

At 1pm I finally threw my papers down and said that’s it, I need lunch. Of course my pager went off a million times, but I was able to chew, write orders, and return calls all at once. I’m a woman which means I am a fabulous multi-tasker! I had a salad and then one of my new protein shakes. This was cookies and cream and really good!

Mmmm cookies and cream!
Mmmm cookies and cream!
Not the same salad, this was the other day. I ended up using that vinaigrette I whipped up the other day and the agave did not work as well as the honey! It clumped.. :(
Not the same salad, this was a few days ago. I ended up using that vinaigrette I whipped up the other day and the agave did not work as well as the honey! It clumped.. 🙁

I was so relieved to sign my information out to my team, I practically ran out of the hospital. I’m pretty sure I had a fever at one point in the day because my throat was killing me and I started having weird chills and hot flashes, but pushed through it. Throat is still sore, but getting better.

Headed to the parking lot, turned my car key and DEAD. Not how I planned on ending my day. Luckily security was able to jump my car and I headed to G-Mama and Pop Pops to switch cars for one day. Apparently it was just my battery and I needed a new one 🙂

Once I came home I sat in the chair with Phoebe for a little bit, turned on my tv and said okay I will sit here for 20 minutes before I do some things around the apartment. Next thing I know I wake up in a panic thinking it was 8am in the morning, not 8pm. Whenever I nap I become extremely disoriented! I was shocked Phoebe didn’t bark and wake me. She must have known Mama needed some sleep!

Needless to say, workout was skipped, but I already planned on that. Dinner was not exciting because I just picked at whatever was around!

Sorry not many pics today, but all I did was work and sleep! Nothing to show and I didn’t really stop to take any.

In case you missed it, head over to Veria.com and check out my recipes for my homemade almond butters! The vanilla is really good! I’m such a sucker for vanilla flavorings.

I really hope today is an easier day than yesterday, I don’t think I can take round 2 of that!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Brandy

    awesome article! Congrats on another feature!

  2. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    I hope your feeling better today!! I hate when you just know your sick, but still have half a day to fulfill. Get some sleep!!

    1. Katie

      Throat still stinks! I think my body is slowly wearing down I feel like I’m always sick with something! ah

  3. Cisco

    What do you normally add to your protein shakes? I usually mix it up a bit and on some days I would mix a shake with water and on another day I’d mix with soy milk.

    My favorite days was when I would mix a dash of soy milk and some orange juice with vanilla protein powder. Makes a REALLY good Orange Smoothie protein shake.

    1. Katie

      I do unsweetened vanilla almond milk-only 30 calories for a cup! Sometimes I do 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk and 1/2 almond 🙂

  4. Kellie

    Hey what protein powder do you use? Where do you order it online? Thanks!

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