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Yesterday in Maryland was another snow storm. Nope hospitals do not close folks, so I had to brave it and go to work. It didn’t start till the afternoon, but I was anxious to leave since it started to pick up quickly. Luckily my service wasn’t extremely busy and I was in the OR in the morning for a little bit so I left around 1:30. I tell ya even the walk to the parking garage was not fun. I almost fell about 4 times! I have 4 wheel drive, so that was on my side, but it took me 45 minutes to drive home (my drive is 15 minutes). I hate driving in snow because of the OTHER drivers. People zoom around you and are not safe at all. I will admit I can be a questionable driver on normal days, but on snow days and bad weather I take it slow and easy.


My view from home, it was just getting started so Phoebs and I hit the couch for some day time TV ASAP.


Eating a treat 


You just need high socks on a snow day, it’s a must.  

Tuesdays are normally my rest days since things are typically crazy at work and I’m always exhausted. I’ve been working really hard in the gym and my workouts lately have been pretty intense. I’m focusing more on supersets, and lifting that gets my heart rate up rather than cardio. The most cardio I do anymore is 45 minutes once a week, when I used to do this daily! I’m seeing changes in my body I haven’t before and loving it. Shoulder caps are starting to pop, hamstrings are making an appearance even in pants, and waist feels tighter. So lift away ladies!


Hamstring progress in pants!

Here are some of the exercises that I’m loving:


  • TRX Booty pikes (feet in the loops), plank position, push into a triangle pike and back into a plank
  • Crunches using the stability oval (like a stability ball but long). I place it horizontal under my low back and crunch up and down. You get more range of motion this way!
  • Cable torso twists. Bring a single cable to elbow height, grab with both hands and twist away from the body and back in.



  • Straight leg dead lifts at warped speed. (Okay not warped speed, but a fast pace). I use a 40-50 lb bar, bend from the hips touch the ground with the bar and back up.
  • Bench glute bridges with barbell on hips. Only shoulders are on the bench, so your bottom half is in a bridge off the bench. Pump down and up holding the barbell.
  • Cable hip abductions. Cable on the ground, foot in loop. Pull away from your body and back in (kills both legs actually!)



  • Alternating punches with weights. Punch across your body to work the waist too.
  • Rear delt flys (my all-time favorite). Bend slightly from the hips, elbows slightly bent. Weights fly up and out and back in.
  • Smith machine shoulder press (I get a little bit more of a pump and a push using the Smith!)



  • Double cable bicep curls (a flex in and out)
  • Heavy Bicep curl with a top pump. Go up in your curling weight for this one. Curl to the top- HOLD, pump slightly for 2 counts, and slow curl back down.


Oh and this is another pair of my new workout pants! These are Nike and so comfortable.


Someone walked in while I was doing my selfie… photo bomb alert!


Try out some of these workouts, I think they will challenge you! 🙂


Today I end with something I need to bring attention to since I am a fitness blogger. As some of you may have seen on the news, Facebook, and Instagram,  A 34 year old mother of 3 small children was killed last week by a drunk driver while going for a morning run. Although I did not know Meg, her brother is one of my co-workers and a surgical resident at my job. He is a sincere, kind-hearted man and I’m sure his sister had similar values. My heart aches for their family and I cannot imagine what they are going through. Meg leaves behind her Police Officer husband and 3 children. If you would like to donate, anything would be appreciated.

Contributions can be made to the Meg Menzies Memorial Fund: 

P.O. Box 235, Hanover, VA 23069; at any SunTrust Bank, EIN: 46-7236030; or to the Ashland Police Foundation, c/o Chief Goodman, 601 England Street, Ashland, VA 23005.

At the very least, if you go for a run dedicate it to Meg “Megs Miles” and hashtag away #megsmiles.


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    These workouts look great!! I love that my gym is at home. But it does leave me a bit limited to some workout equipment ,and space! I’ll have to get creative and make these work 🙂 I’ll have to dedicate my run to her today!

    1. Katie

      Good for you for doing it at home! I actually have a nice apartment gym but if I do not physically leave to workout I will slack off. And thanks for dedicating your run to Meg 😀

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