Custom Meal Plans

I receive numerous e-mails daily asking about meal plans. While I would love to sit down and create a meal plan for every one, it takes a lot of time and effort. I could easily copy and paste one meal plan and send it to everyone, but what works for one person, will not work for another person! Therefore, I have decided to offer custom meal plans!

I achieved this figure by following my own specific “meal plan”. It’s not a diet as I say. I eat plenty of healthy, good for you foods, that won’t bore you (as you can see from my recipe page). Interested? Keep reading!

Here is what I am offering for just the meal plan:

  • A custom meal plan designed for your lifestyle! It will include a list of foods you can eat, each meal broken down with serving sizes/portions according to your goals.
  • List of condiments, drinks, snacks, things to avoid.
  • 3 very special VIP recipes that I do not feature on my blog!

This will be a ONE time structured meal plan that you can continuously follow and tweak to your liking once you get the hang of things. Some fitness buffs charge $400-$600 bucks for these! I am charging $55 for a one time meal plan that you can follow for about 6 weeks. You could easily continue to follow this for longer though, although I cannot change it once it has been sent.

Please keep in mind the meal plan ONLY is what you are getting for the price (plus the 3 VIP recipes-this will be posted on my blog with password protection for customers to make it easy). So basically once it is sent I cannot keep altering it without an extra added fee.

Here’s what I need from you to get started!

  • An Email with the following: 
  1. Name, age, height, body weight.
  2. Goals- whether it be to lose weight (if so give me a number), build muscle, feel healthier, etc.
  3. Food allergies if any, foods you dislike, foods you like!
  4. Past experience with failed diets, successful diets, etc.
  5. Your daily schedule. What is your work/school day like? When do you wake up? When do you go to bed? Do you workout? If so, when? What about weekends?
  6. What is your go to craving or cheat meal? Basically what food is really hard for you to give up?
  7. If you want the extra counseling along the way for 8 weeks you need to let me know! Make sure you purchase this package (the second one).

Payment will be through pay pal only. This is secure for both you and me. You do not need a paypal account to sign up. You can do it as a guest. On your billing statement it will show up as SkinnyMM.

Once I receive payment and your first e-mail, we can get started. I will respond within 48 hours after receiving both an e-mail and payment. After I have e-mailed you confirming this payment and e-mail, your diet plan will be sent to you within 7 days.

Sorry no refunds! 

Click ‘Buy Now’ below to purchase!

If you want a BIKINI BODY plan- Email me for rates!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


Disclaimer: No guaranteed results. Customer does not hold accountable for undesired results, food allergies if not communicated to me, or inability to follow plan. 


  1. Dad

    Great idea,need to charge more!

  2. Anesa

    i have a couple of questions about the meal plan.. do you just want me to post it here or email you directly. thank you

    1. Katie

      Please email directly with questions. Thanks 🙂

  3. Rebecca Daley

    I might be interested. Could you work with a no dairy, no soy, no nut, no fish, (trying gluten free) diet? Lol its a bit challenging. Also, I’m breastfeeding so I’m sure I need a few extra calories and more water! Oh and must be a clean diet low in sugar:) I have been muddling through on my own but I have no clue what I’m doing…does this sound like something you could work with?

    1. Katie

      Yep! I welcome a challenge! I might need a little longer than three days for this if that’s okay with you. Maybe like 5?

  4. Latisha

    Have you every worked with someone in recovery from an eating disorder? I could use the help, and since no more insurance, I cant get professional help. I need to gain 10 lbs but want to in a way that ill b toned still and fairly clean eating, and im vegetarian… ahh! did that overwhelm you!?

    1. Katie

      Many of my clients have asked about this and I have. If you want to e-mail me we can talk about things first before you decide on purchasing 🙂

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