Running in a Tiara

When I started the year, I listed goals for 2013. Not on that list: NPC bikini competitor. I can be random at times, I know.

What was on the list was complete a half marathon. Am I a runner? Not at all. Could I run? Absolutely. My cardio stamina is insane, but my knee doesn’t stand for it, so I don’t do it much. I’m a pretty determined person so if I say I will do something, I will. So when I saw that registration for the Disney Princess Half Marathon opened yesterday, I jumped on the chance.

Basically this is a race for women in WALT DISNEY WORLD! What is better than that? You get all dressed up in your favorite princess gear and run 13.1 miles in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I know someone who did it last year and it looks unbelievable. So yes I am impulsive and I signed up! It’s not until February 2014 so I have PLENTY of time to train (okay not 2013- but since I registered I am counting it). Come 2014 I will be on a plane to see my boyfriend Mickey (get it… Minnie?) and running in full Snow White get up. My favorite since I was 2. Also a fan of Ariel, but really sea shells and running do not mix. Neither do fins.

If you are interested in this, you can find it HERE. As of right now it’s already 58% sold out, it goes quick! Only been up a day. The bigger “glass slipper challenge” which is 2 different days of races was sold out by the time I even got to the webpage. That’s how popular this is!

Winner crossing the finish line. BEAUTIFUL!

Moving on, yesterday at work I stayed pretty busy. I looked at the clock at one point and said wow it’s already 2pm? I love when that happens!

When it was time to go I changed and headed to the gym. I always find it a little hilarious when I leave the locker room down in the OR and run into someone I know. I am always in gym clothes and I look quite different in gym attire than I do scrubs. I always get the same response, shock. I consider it a compliment! Usually it goes a little something like “wow I had no idea you were hiding that under your scrubs”. Yeah scrubs are not the most flattering clothing… and thank you for noticing I am jacked šŸ˜‰

My workout included stair master intervals and a LEG DAY! I do it twice a week now and phew it hurts. I did some pretty massive increases in my weights so I know I will be feeling it later. I didn’t have room to do walking lunges so I did alternating ones with a 40 lb bar. Hurt just as much!

This was the only picture I took, me leaving the gym.

Flexing my quad! Starting to grow some
Flexing my quad! Starting to grow some

When I came home Phoebs was over the moon excited to see me. Same for me. When I walk in it’s the best feeling to have someone miss you so much while you are gone. What did I do before her? I guess I came home and was lonely! She always jumps at me until I put my bags down and then I pick her up and say “did you mish Mommy?” No I didn’t spell “miss” wrong, that’s how I say it to her “mish” šŸ™‚ We are goofballs.

We went for walk while it was still light. A great thing about summer. Doesn’t get dark until 8:30ish!

Phoebe staring at the fro yo place.... it haunts us
Phoebe staring at the fro yo place…. it haunts us

I have been saying for a week now I am going to walk over and get a darn fro yo. This place is actually the HEALTHIEST fro yo out there. It’s all soy products, no artificial flavoring! Just 30 calories a serving (let’s face it, I would triple this), 6 grams of sugar, and 7 grams of carbs. So really NOT a bad cheat at all. Maybe this weekend šŸ™‚

For dinner I did something different. Egg whites! I was able to snag some more of those free range eggs one of my PA friends sells to us for 2 bucks! They are the best eggs I’ve ever had. So when I came home I knew I wanted to eat them right away.

Egg whites full of veggies: mushrooms, onions, and spinach with Ms Dash onion and herb seasoning. Side of green beans!
Egg whites full of veggies: mushrooms, onions, and spinach with Ms Dash onion and herb seasoning. Side of green beans! I like a big healthy plate

Then I just caught up on my blog and laundry. Time goes by so fast when I am home. By the time I am done cleaning up, showering, getting stuff together for the next day and blogging, it’s time for bed. Never any time to just “chill out”. But that’s what weekends are for huh?

Thursday is here and that means I will have 3 days off coming up! LOTS to do that I am already wondering how I will fit it in, but I shouldn’t stress about silly weekend errands.

Don’t forget to check out my page CUSTOM MEAL PLANS if you are interested in me designing a meal plan for you! I have lots of knowledge to give šŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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    That’s always the best response! Not that I’ve ever had it said to me, but I bet it feels good šŸ™‚ I use to have a Tutti Frutti around my area, but then it went out of business, probably because there was too many other froyo places, now there’s just two! MMmmm that dinner looks so good šŸ˜€

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