Monday Round Up

Hey everyone 🙂

I hope you had a nice Easter holiday if you celebrated yesterday.


Phoebe got a new toy. A peep! How appropriate.


This has been a very interesting few days for me.

Late Friday afternoon Miss Buffay decided to scare the pants off me and got very sick. Let’s just say bloody bathroom episodes that were way too much for me to ignore. She has done this a few times, we go to the vets, it clears up. I always said okay maybe she just has a sensitive stomach. Antibiotics, diet change, etc. Then she’s better. This time it was too extreme. I picked her up and we rushed to the vets. Luckily I live 2 minutes from one and they do walk-ins. Even more lucky our regular vet was on call that day so she knew Phoebe and her issues.


My poor girl was scared out of her mind and let’s just say that mama wasn’t too strong when they took her to the back for blood work. There was sobbing. The vet told us that her blood counts were normal thank goodness, but there was A LOT of blood and it’s concerning. We went home with prescriptions (medicine and food), a shot, and both of us shaking like no other. They also said absolutely no rawhides, treats, or anything else. Phoebe loves her rawhide chews. She really has been searching around the apartment and G-Mama’s house for anything she can get her paws on. Sorry Phoebs, it’s temporary!

The thing about Phoebe when she is sick is that you would never know it. You know how I always post pictures of her hopping around and smiling? That’s how she is all the time! Her demeanor doesn’t change. She doesn’t put her tail down, or lay around, or become lethargic. She’s happy little Phoebe. So I guess that’s a good sign.

Side Note: right as I typed all this I hear a clunk noise. She found a rawhide she hid! BRAT!


The evidence.

Happy to say though she’s doing fine and we are following up on Wednesday!

Moving on, I’m 5 days out from my next show. Yes, I’m excited. Do I think I will place? Absolutely not. Let me explain.


Saturday morning I went to do my cardio and mini shoulder routine (I couldn’t lift Friday evening because I refused to leave Phoebs). I looked in the mirror and said “I look different. I feel like I’ve lost my shoulders”. I said “nah I’m good, it’s probably in my head”.

Turns out it wasn’t in my head. This past week and a half I worked really hard in the gym to get off all this water from the cheat episodes I had. I went back to a “peak week” diet and I guess my body revolted a bit. I started to lose my muscle overnight.

Why am I sharing this? Because I want everyone to realize I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I can’t see what others see. I was told by 3 different people that day (on separate occasions) that I looked like I went too far and I needed to fill out.

So I did. I ate carbs. I tripled what I usually eat too.


And I filled out nicely for my evening lift.



Did I think I would be carbing it up on peak week? No. But you can’t always plan every step of these journeys. This is a learning process. Whether it be from mistakes or success. It’s also about knowing when to ask other for help or advice because you get so stuck in your ways. I have no shame in stating I went to a friend for help to ask “what do I do to fix this”. Sometimes you need that. Suck up your pride and ask for help when you need it.

On Sunday I repeated it and started looking myself again.

IMG_8386.JPG IMG_8365.JPG

Those two events were just the most stressful things on my weekend. A lot of stuff went on, but I’m starting to think this is just my life lately. Do you ever feel like it’s “always something”? I sure do!

Anyway, I have 5 days to go. I’m going to finish this race even if I walk in dead last. I’m going to keep myself healthy and full of carbs and strut that stage. Not giving up now!

Have a wonderful Monday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Dawn

    Hi Skinny:

    I just love your blog! I am competing in my first NPC bikini competition at the end of May. I have 8 weeks to go and I hope I can look like you! You look fantastic. Keep the posts coming!!!

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