Tangled Tails on Time Warp Tuesday

So today when I went to my parent’s house I went through some old pictures. Talk about a TIME WARP. Wow the 90’s were a cruel time.. Why the heck was spandex so shiny? Why were glamour shots a thing!? And why do I look like a 40 year old woman in them? (I was 9). G-Mama said oh you were cute… Well I wouldn’t say cute.. more ridiculous… but we will laugh together šŸ™‚


Yes, my hair takes up 80% of this picture. And the other 20% is clown makeup and a feather boa…

Now that you’ve laughed until your sides hurt…

What delicious treat do I have for you today? Well only one of my absolute favorites!

Only the best Oatmeal.. click me!

I plop my peanut wonder on the side so I can scoop as I eat rather than mix it in.

Before I went to the gym, my Dad and I took the pups for a walk. Last night, I made the huge mistake of dropping Phoebe Buffay’s harness as I was going to lay down. She jumped and cried and I had to take her… the joy’s of motherhood šŸ˜‰

But she was oh so excited to go with Shelby Ann today (my parents pup).. maybe a little too excited. Tails were tangled

Hey! We’re stuck!
Mommy…. stop laughing and taking pictures and HELP!

We eventually got it together…

My pre-gym snackie today included plain greek yogurt with my Cran-Nan-Jam mixed in. Yum!

Isn’t this a cute bowl?

Off to the gym I went and it was arms day and of course I did my cardio! When I say arms I mean biceps/triceps. And boy was I already sore from yesterday’s shoulder extravaganza.

So I started with 25 minutes of Mr. Stairmaster. What I forgot to tell you guys! I don’t just climb normally. I side climb, alternating sides after a minute or 2. I step wide. I LET GO of the machine and climb without hands, and I even sprint up the thing really fast (in very short spurts). This makes the time zoom by if you do different moves!

Biceps/Triceps: Ā (remember to space this out and work in extra cardio to prevent burnout and boredom)

  • Bicep curls using the cables. I used the short bar (about the size of a ruler) so I could curl both arms at the same time. 15 reps x 4 sets. I did 50 lbs (this sounds like A LOT, but it’s easier with cables) my first two sets, and then I up it 5-10 pounds on my last 2 sets. If you can’t finish because you are burning that bad GOOD FOR YOU! šŸ™‚
  • Tricep Pulldowns using cables. You know these. All the guys do them. You stand holding the rope attached to the cables and pull down (keep elbows in!) Again 15 reps x 4 sets… Up your weight the last 2 sets!
  • Tricep Overhead Cable extensions. grab that rope above your head, bend your knees slightly and bend slightly from the waist as you pull that cable forward over your head. 15 sets x 4 reps. Up your weight the last 2 sets!
  • Bicep curls using kettle bells. 15lbs each hand. I did 12 reps alternating x 2 sets, and 12 reps together x 2 sets
  • Reverse Bicep Rows. Using a bar (I use 30-40lbs usually), bend from the waist with slight bend in the knee. Pull the bar towards your belly button and back down (elbows in tight!)
  • Tricep Extensions. Using dumbbells (I used 17.5lbs) bend slightly from waist and slight bend in knee. Elbows in beside your body and extend your triceps back towards your booty! Return the dumbbells back to your starting position, keep it tight! 12 reps x 3 sets
  • Tricep pushups. Basic pushup but with your elbows close to your body. These BURN if done correctly. I only did 12 reps x 2 sets

Now go finish with some cardio and planks! I did more arc trainer today and cooled down with a 12 minute stroll on the treadmill

I had the right idea even back then!

At home Phoebe and I made dinner, which included a side of oven roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Tastes so much better in the oven! Little olive oil spray, salt and pepper.. done!

(Side note: What I Eat Tab is now up! Click the tab above)

Roast those veggies!

And look at those shoulders from yesterday!

Bathroom picture… (and breaking wardrobe rules wearing a scarf with a tank)

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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