The Countdown to the Dirty Thirty

Hi everyone!

So here is the deal.

I turn THIRTY.



At the end of next month.

Goodbye 20’s! Hellllooooooo thirties. Oh no… when did that happen?

Okay, yes I realize I am super dramatic about this. Hey, the gang on Friends feels me on this one. Remember when Rachel turned 30? And Joey? “Why, God, Why!”.


Everything goes back to my favorite show. Now that I’m older I actually go through the same things they do in episodes and it weirds me out!

They say age is just a number right? Well, I have a funny story about that one. I’ve told you that Tony and I met a few times at the gym through a mutual friend, and really connected through messaging and prep. Well when you talk to someone daily for weeks on end you get to know them. Family? Where you grew up… (ahem, Tony I’ll let that one slide 😉 ), age, etc.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Tony turns and looks at me and says “How old did I tell you I was?”

This was my face… not kidding.

I was a little more white though. All the color drained from my face. I panicked, and immediately I thought, OH GOSH I AM LIKE FRIENDS! I’m probably dating a senior… IN HIGH SCHOOL! The “ick factor”. Oh my gosh.


I hesitated and said “you told me 26…?”

He said “okay good, yeah I’m 26.”

PHEW! Yeah I may have checked ID’s. 😉

Yes, Tony is younger than me. Does it bother me? Nope, not at all when it’s the right person. We do joke about stuff though. I’ll say “oh man I remember I was about 13 when this song came out!” He’ll reply with “yeah I was in the fourth grade”. It’s funny when you put it that way.


Anyway, so what’s happening for my 30th? Well 2 days after I turn 30 I’ll be headed to Mexico! My best friend Sarah (you remember her, we met at blogfest!), are reuniting and I couldn’t be MORE ecstatic to see her again. We were supposed to go to Vegas after my shows, but those plans fell through. So we are officially booked for sun and sand for 4 days 🙂


A huge thank you to G-Mama and my Dad for the wonderful birthday gift. Also a big thanks to Tony for saying “go babe”. Most boyfriends are not like that! I’m so grateful to have three amazing people in my life now 🙂

Since I’m going to Mexico… that means swimsuit.

I know what you’re thinking…. you just did two shows, you have to be in great shape. 

Well, guess again. Tony and I were too fat and happy for a while there. Okay, so I’m still in good shape, that doesn’t go away, but I do have some FLUFF hanging around. I told myself I was waiting to diet back down for a late fall show, but I let the doughnuts get to me a little too fast. No more crazy cheats for me, and back to my clean foods. Not a strict prep diet… I’m calling it “light prep”. There really is no such thing, but I’m making it up.

I have 31 days to lose a few extra pounds before I hit the beach. Who’s in? Here was yesterday’s QUAD workout:

  • Smith machine squats, feet together. 12 reps x 4 sets. Increase the weight each set by 5-10lbs. 
  • Smith machine split squats. 8 reps each leg x 3 sets.
  • Leg Press: feet together at the bottom, 10 reps
    • THEN 5 single leg presses right leg
    • THEN 10 more presses feet together
    • THEN 5 single leg presses left leg
    • THEN 10 more presses feet together
  • REPEAT THAT 2 other times… ouch!
  • Leg extensions. 12 reps heavy, then 20 reps light to burnout. Repeat 3 other times
  • Leg extensions as HEAVY AS YOU CAN for 3-5 reps, 3 sets.
  • Walking lunges with a 25 lb plate over your head for 20
    • Then immediately do a wall sit and put the plate on your lap for 20-30 seconds
    • Remove the plate. Extend one leg up to 90 degrees and hold for 6, repeat other side
  • Repeat that whole set (lunges and sits) to complete four sets.
  • FINISH- 10 minutes step mill
  • 3 minutes walking lunges on treadmill and a walk cool down

Can we say BURN!?

If you are interested in THESE kind of workouts daily, I’m going to be offering my exact workouts as part of a membership program. It will go to your e-mail directly. I’ll have more information soon!

But for now…


Have a great day!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    Thirty isn’t so bad….but I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t say I was in my 20’s anymore…….lol silly I know. AND yes you are only as old as you feel. I’m older than my hubby…………by 7 years….I happened to be 30 when we met. So thirty is GREAT 😉

    1. Katie

      Cheers to younger men eh? 😉

      1. amyt

        Exactly!! and we are celebrating 12 yrs tomorrow 😉

  2. Lisa R

    I want this leg day in my life!!!

    1. Katie

      Warning… I almost threw up on the lunges

  3. Lisa R

    I’m also interested in what a ‘light prep’ meal plan on would look like? Hmmm

    1. Katie

      Basically I’m sticking to clean foods, but MORE of them. Higher carb, but slightly lower fat at this point. I know for a real prep my body responds well to high fat and low carb. For the purposes of staying sane without a show in sight, I’d rather try out high carb first 🙂

      1. Lisa R

        I see I see, OK thanks! I definitely wanna do this ’31 day challanage’! I signed up for my first “mud run” and I’m very excited/nervous- lots of climb=lots of pull up practice!

  4. Jen @ Quarter Life QB

    I’m only like nine months older than my boyfriend and he loooooves to joke about the AARP 😉 Mexico is going to be an awesome place to celebrate 30!

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