Throwback Thursday

Good Morning friends! I am in a great mood! Yes, it’s because I’m home, but also because I get to see my peeps today! By the time the end of the week hits I start missing them so much! For those that read my blog when I first started… oh what a whole 3 and a half months ago, know that I spent every day with them for the time I was in between jobs. I wish I could still do that, but have to make that money!

My day at work flew by, thank goodness! Great day for it to go fast. I didn’t even get my usual black Starbucks until after 11 (okay, I already had other cups but my big one I buy at work). This time I added some cocoa to it! It was really good 🙂

Cocoa Coffee
Cocoa Coffee

My lunch included chicken, sugar snap peas and spaghetti squash

Love the crunch of a sugar snap
Love the crunch of a sugar snap

Before I knew it I was finished with work for the day and it was gym time! And guess what? I scored a stairmaster! YES! Success! And no I didn’t have to tackle anyone to the ground for it 😉 Kind of…

I did 32 glorious minutes and loved every second of it. Good to be home! Then I did some chest work. Not a lot, but got the job done


  • Chest Bench Presses, 40 lbs, 20 reps x 2 sets with 8 sets of pulses after each set, then 50 lbs, 12 reps x 2 sets
  • Around the worlds, 10 lbs each hand lying on bench, 10 reps x 2 sets underhand grip, 10 reps x 2 sets overhand grip (straight arms large semi circle/C movement from toes to head)
  • Chest Flys (machine), 50 lbs 12 reps x 1 set, 55 lbs 12 reps x 2 sets
  • Chest Fly’s standing, 8 lb dumbells, 12 reps x 3 sets
  • Bosu Pushups 10 reps x 4 sets

I also did some side bends, and alternating cross punches with weights to work my abs, plus some bonus bosu squats!

15 minutes of arc trainer and I called it a day!

Here was my pre-gym shot

Before, hair still okay...
I’m actually insanely proud of this picture. I feel like my body is where I want it to be! Fit but not too skinny. Buff, but not huge. Just right! 

And my after… Hair A MESS! Not pretty in the gym, not supposed to be!

Strands every which way
Strands every which way

At home I rounded up the alphabet game with Z for Zucchini

Yummy sweet zucchini
Yummy sweet zucchini

And those Mexican Pinwheels! So good. I just love them.

Pinwheels for din din
Pinwheels for din din

Yesterday was Throwback Thursday! A popular social networking term thats all over the internet nowadays. People share old pictures that were taken before Facebook and Instagram and post them to their accounts.  and I came across two throwback pictures last night to share

The first one is my Shelby Ann! This little collage shows her as a puppy and full grown. Look at her stuck in my niece Bella’s potty! I walked in the bathroom to find her stuck one day and we all laughed hysterically. She couldn’t get out, poor thing.

Throwback Shelby Collage
Throwback Shelby Collage

And then this little gem is Skinny Minnie at Disney World.. WOW the outfit says it all

Where do I start? The shirt okay, it's Disney, I'm Minnie it works, excusable. The glasses, and split choppy V bangs... wow
Where do I start? The shirt okay, it’s Disney, I’m Minnie, it works, excusable. The glasses, and split choppy V bangs… wow. And if you look closely you will spy a bunch of missing teeth

I am going to skip the appetizer recipe today (I need one day off) and I’ll finish the week up tomorrow with a great one! So make sure you come back 🙂

Today I will wrap it up by giving a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely DiPeppe and her fiancé, well now HUSBAND Greg! They are getting married today and I couldn’t be happier for her. I wouldn’t have made it through PA school without her and she is the most kind, genuine person I have ever known. I often say people that could hate DiPeppe hate puppies! I know they will have a wonderful life together. Love you guys 🙂

Weekend is on the warpath!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    I’ve been thinking about some zucchini bread lately too, maybe I shall go looking for some lol omg, shelby is just as cute as she was when she was little!! Woohoo!!! Thank god you finally got a stairmaster, about time!

    1. Katie

      I know, my family got so lucky with our poms! Gorgeous girls. Zucchini bread mmmmm! I would make some, but then I’d have to eat it… lol Trying to slow down some!

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